Introduction of Extended Warranty


Who is Eligible for Extended Warranty

Who purchased Firstinfo tools after 2022/08/01 are eligible for extended warranty service.


How to Register an Extended Warranty


Products purchased at "FIRSTINFO TOOLS Official Shop" (this site)

When you purchase a product at the "FIRSTINFO TOOLS Official Shop", it is automatically covered by the extended warranty.


Products purchased at "FIRSTINFO TOOLS Amazon,ebay, Newegg, ... Store"

  1. Please register at the "FIRSTINFO TOOLS Official Shop" (this site).
  2. Please select "Extended warranty application" in "Question Type" in the "Contact Us" page.
  3. Please enter "Amazon order number ID" in "Message".



※Please register the extended warranty within 1 month from the time of purchase, or there will only apply the Normal 12 months warranty.
※You do not need to provide the date of purchase or the model you purchased.

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