4 Piece Nylon Tubes / 3.28 ft

  • Exclusive Design -- Used with our FIRSTINFO oil fluid extractor pumps, such as models A1102USY5, A1102H, A1106US, etc.
  • Main Hose -- The main hose ( Ø 7.8 x 9.8 mm )can be connected with other extension tubes in the set. This hose is attached to the oil extractor and can be linked with other tubes to extend the hose length to 2 Meter (78.7inch) in Total.
  • Extension Tube -- Use the 1 meter extension nylon tube and the extension together with the rubber adapter to reach the very bottom of the reservoir and suck up the fluid. And the extra "E" 3.5 x 4.5mm Nylon hose for the new style vehicles.
  • Complete Set of Necessary Tubes -- The set comes with 4 tubes and 1 wire at a stealing price. Complete set of necessary tubes with lower price than buying each of them individually.
  • Replacement For Your Original Hose -- If your old hose is damaged, missing or dirty, this is exactly what you need.
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Item No.: A1102EH4

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More Features:

  1. Does Not Come Off - Main hose connect to the extractor with a lock design to ensure safety and vacuum. The tube seals the spout securely, ensuring safe further operation.
  2. Wire - The wire is used to support the soft and thin tube, and to prevent it from being obstructed by dirty oil during inserting the extension to the dipstick tube.
  3. Versatile Applications - Use to extract low-viscosity fluids, such as engine oil, brake fluid, auto transmission fluid and other fluid from vehicles, motorcycles, industrial oil, etc.
  4. Remove Every Drop Of The Fluid - Whatever capacity your oil tank is, you can suck up every drop of fluid in the bottom of it by connecting two hoses together. Suitable for taller vehicles such as suvs and full size trucks.
  5. Heat Resistant - Made from polypropylene which can withstand high temperature up to 200°F ( 95°C )
  6. For FIRSTINFO Oil Extractors - Must be used with FIRSTINFO oil extractors for best results.
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