ATF Refill Adapter #39 / For VW, Audi, Mini Cooper

  • Main Usage -- As a connector for car oil pan ATF filling tool.
  • Compatibility -- It's compatible with VW, Audi, Mini Cooper automatic transmissions.
  • Thread M10 x 1 ; Material: Metal
  • Easy Push-On Coupler Design-- For wide range of vehicles to refilling ATF fluid efficiently and quickly.
  • Please refer to the picture and confirm the detail sizes before purchasing. This adapter is suitable with FIRSTINFO ATF dispenser for best result.
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Item No.: A1132F#39

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  • A1132F#39 (M10*1): For VW, Audi, Mini Cooper
  • A1132F#40 (1/8"-27): For Ford
  • A1132F#41: For VW, Audi, Skoda
  • A1132F#42: For VW, Audi, Porsche
  • A1132F#43: For Universal BMW, Nissan, Honda, etc.
  • A1132F#44 (M12*1. 5): For ALTIS 2010, BENZ 722.9
  • A1132F#45 (M22*1.5): For VW CVT, Audi
  • A1132F#46 (M24*1.5): For VW DSG, Audi
  • A1132F#51 (M30*1.5): For Skoda, Audi VW
  • A1132F#52 (5/16"-24 UNF): For Volvo
  • A1132F#53 (M18*1.5): For Toyota, Lexus
  • A1132F#54 (M18*1.5): For Skoda, VW
  • A1132F#55 For Universal Honda, Kia, Hyundai, etc.
  • A1132F#56 (M8*1): For Nissan, Infinity
  • ** Option adapters ( available in FIRSTINFO TOOLS store ) : #A1132B (Universal Flexible Rubber Nozzle): For all kinds of vehicles with transmission dipstick | A1132F#58 (M12*1.25): For Subaru | A1132F#59 (M10*1.25): For Nissan | A1132F#60 (90°- M10*1): For VW, Passat & Tiguan after 2007 | A1132A21: For Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, Q5 2008-2020 7-Speed AT | A1132F#62 (M14*1.5): For Mini Cooper | A1132F#63 (M12*1.75) : For Cadillac, Chevrolet | A1132F#64 (Ear clip type) : For Mercedes 725**

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