Manual 3L Brake Pressure Bleeder / 1 Pc Standard European Adapter

  • Convenient For One Person Operation -- Do the brake bleeding by pressurizing the brake system from master cylinder, no need to constantly watch the fluid level as you manaully pump the tank and simply open the bleeder screw.
  • Safer Design For Job -- 3-liter /3.17-quart tank built in pressure gauge to allow you easily monitoring the pressure level in the system; also equipped with pressure release valve to release the remaining pressure inside the tank after use.
  • Master Cylinder Adapter -- Equipped with standard European adapter with a swivel 90° fitting to tackle limited space problems. It fits most European cars and is compatible with Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Volvo, Volkswagen, and more.
  • Save Your Time Without Air Supply -- One man use makes brake fluid change quick and easy. Without any air supply; provide manual operation mode for conveniently use.
  • Heavy Duty /Reliable /Effective -- Made in Taiwan with corrosion-proof materials and design ensures power bleeder to be maintenance free for years of service. This pressure bleeder's tank holds 3.17 quarts of fluid, making sure one fill-up covers service for your entire brake system.
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  • Easy Operation: Bleed your brakes and clear debris from your lines on your own, pressurizing your vehicle's system from the master cylinder.
  • Safe Design: Observe your brake system's pressure as you work using the built-in gauge, then easily release it from the pressure release valve.
  • Quick Coupling: The quick coupler on the hose connects and disconnects quickly and easily while always maintaining a powerful seal.
  • Quality Materials: The silicone hose and polypropylene bleeder both resist wear, tear, and deformation from heat and corrosive chemicals.
  • One Person Operation: Clear hydraulic brake systems quickly, cleanly, and easily without needing another person to pump the pedal.

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