FIRSTINFO A18562M Nozzle Accessories Kit for Windstorm EX Air Blow Gun with Adjustable Air Flow

  • 【Nozzle Accessories Kit】2 pcs extension nozzles, 1 pc OSHA nozzle, 1 pc needle nozzle, 1 pc 1/4"(F) X 1/8"(M) adapter, 1 pc 1/8"(F) X 1/4"(M) adapter for Windstorm EX Air Blow Gun
  • 【2x Extended Nozzles】1 pc 14 inches (355mm) extension nozzle, 1 pc 4.5 inches (114mm) extension nozzle, the maximum extension length is up to 18.5 inches (470mm)
  • 【OSHA Compliant Quiet Nozzle】Reduces noise while producing strong airflow.
  • 【Needle Nozzle】4.5 inches (115mm) long needle nozzle, helping focus the airflow on specific area, for concentrated cleaning or drying.
  • 【2x Adapters】Including 1 pc of each 1/4“(F) X 1/8”(M) adapter and 1/8”(F) X 1/4”(M) adapter, making it capable with various accessories of FIRSTINFO nozzles. Expand the capability and potential of your FIRSTINFO windstorm EX high-performance air blow gun.
  • 【100% Genuine Guarantee】We provide you with quality assurance tools with 12 months of after-sales warranty support. Help you to achieve a satisfactory shopping experience.
Item No.: A18562M

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