FIRSTINFO A1152KUS Pneumatic 1.8L Vacuum Brake Bleeder & 1L Refill Bottle with 4.9 Ft Check Valve Hose

  • 【Extraction & Pouring 2-in-1 Spout】 Concentrate the fluid extraction and pouring functions into one spout. With specially designed pour spout to drain brake fluid with ease. Simply connect the hose to seal the spout.
  • 【Preventing Air from Entering Brake System】 The hose contains a Non-return check valve to prevent backflow of air and old brake fluid. Hose length: 59 inch (Longer than other similar products). Hose Material: Silicone(Suitable for use on corrosive brake fluid).
  • 【Hands Free Operation】 Not only can the bleeder extract brake fluid continuously, it can also stop extraction automatically when it is full. The refilling bottle automatically refills the master cylinder and maintains the correct level of fluid during brake bleeding.
  • 【Patented Brake Bleeder】 FIRSTINFO Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit has the patent authentication (Patent Number: US. EU-008400493-0001. TW-D212749). We are constantly improving our products to enhance customer experience.
  • 【Step-by-Step Video & Manual】 To help you understand the operation steps and easy to complete the brake fluid change.
  • 【12+10 Months Warranty】 We provide you quality assurance tools with 12+10 months after-sales warranty support (10 months warranty by register).
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