FIRSTINFO A1181US Pneumatic High Flow Oil Barrel Drum Pump for 50 Gallon (200 Liter) Metal Tank

  • 【Multiple Usage】The two way designed fluid extractor pump can also extract and dispense non-corrosive and non-thick fluids. 2 in 1 extractor and pump dispenser.
  • 【For 50 Gallon / 200 Liter Metal Barrel】Must be locked on the 50 gallon (200 Liter) barrel; use in the "closed" condition and closed metal tank. The thickness of the metal tank must be over 2mm (0.078 inch).
  • 【Efficient Application】For example: Extracting or filling Circulation oil R68 --Only needs 6 minutes to finish. The pneumatic way for higher speed of oil change work..
  • 【Convenient Design Tool】Provide with pneumatic operation--Just connect with an air compressor. Easy to operate filling and extracting. Working pressure range for Dispensing : Max.30 psi / Extracting : Max.90 Psi
  • 【Safety Design】With safety cup for automatic cut-off extracting. And also come with the extension pipe which is suitable for narrow, deep and difficult space to extract or fill liquids.
  • 【Genuine Guarantee】We provide you with quality assurance tools with 12 months of after-sales warranty support. Help you to achieve a satisfactory shopping experience.
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* Air Inlet : 1/4" PT * AVG. Air cons : 2.5 CFM * Working pressure range for dispensing : Max.30 psi
* Working pressure range for extracting : Max.90 Psi

Warning :
* When use attached extension thin pipe, don't be over the air pressure for 3kg/c㎡ (40psi)!
* Can not use any other non-attached extension pipes.
* Please turn on the fluid outlet valve before operating.
* Do not use the unit to extract or filling dangerous chemicals.
* Max. pressure : 90 psi (6.2 bar)
* Please wear safety goggles.
* Keep out the reach of children.




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