FIRSTINFO A16112 Pneumatic Engine Combustor Chamber Carbon Cleaning Kit

  • 【Why Do You Need It】Here are some consequences of severe carbon deposits in an engine: Firstly, difficulty starting the engine when it's cold and shaking at idle speed. Secondly, decreased engine power and difficulty accelerating. Thirdly, increased fuel consumption, and fourthly, higher exhaust pollutant emissions.
  • 【 Maintain Engine Performance 】 Carbon cleaning kit for engine combustor system. Max operating pressure: 20 psi.
  • 【 Easy to Use 】First, remove the spark plug and insert the hose into the hole. Then, inject the cleaner until the combustion chamber is full. Leave it for 15-20 minutes so the cleaner can dissolve the carbon deposits. Finally, suction out the waste and the process is completed!
  • 【 No Mess 】With a recycle bottle to collect the remaining fluid to avoid spurting when extracting the mixer of cleaning reagent and carbon.
  • 【 100% Genuine Guarantee 】 We provide you quality assurance tools with 12+10 months after-sales warranty (10 months warranty by register) support. Help you to achieve the satisfactory shopping experience.
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