4 In 1 Intake Valve / Combustion Chamber / Vacuum System Cleaner / Vacuum System Pressure Tester Kit

  • 【 Maintain Engine Performance 】 Perfect for air intake system, combustion chamber, EGR Valves, intake valves and oxygen sensors. Easy operation for making the fuel injectors spray smoothly and properly.
  • 【 Easy to Use 】 Simply fill with air intake cleaning liquids and connect the vacuum hose of vehicle vacuum system. Reduce carbon deposits easily.
  • 【 Multiple Applications 】 Use to clean the intake valve, combustion chamber, vacuum system and test the vacuum system pressure. Provides more thorough cleaning than other methods. Effectively remove engine carbon deposits and increase gas mileage performance.
  • 【 Equipped with Negative Pressure Gauge 】 The liquid-filled gauge for accurate vacuum pressure reading and monitoring chemical flow.
  • 【 Gasoline Engine /Petrol Cars Use 】 Used for gasoline engine injection and petrol cars. "NOT" for diesel injector. And solution liquid is "NOT" included.
  • 【 100% Genuine Guarantee 】 We provide you quality assurance tools with 12+10 months after-sales warranty (10 months warranty by register) support. Help you to achieve the satisfactory shopping experience.
Item No.: A1601

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Operation instruction

Step 1: Release the blue cap from the canister.

Step 2: Insert the cleaning reagent into the canister and fasten the blue cap on the canister securely.

Step 3: Connect the quick coupler to the adapter of blue cap.

Step 4: Remove the rubber vacuum hose from the connecting barb of the vehicle vacuum system. (Please refer to right picture)

Step 5: Insert the white cone tip to the rubber vacuum hose of the vehicle.

Step 6: Start the engine, the vacuum meter will indicate minus 50 cm-Hg range.

Step 7: Turn on the red control valve, the cleaning reagent will run into the vacuum system of the vehicle and start to clean the vacuum system.

Step 8: After seven to ten minutes, intake valve and combustion chamber. The carbon in the engine will be totally removed.

Step 9: Remove the white cone tip from the rubber vacuum hose of the vehicle, then reinstall the vacuum hose to the connecting barb of the vehicle. The carbon cleaning procedure is complete.


  • A-Liquid-Filled Gauge
  • B-Quick Connector
  • C-Vacuum Hose
  • D-Flow Valve
  • E-Hook
  • F-Aluminum Canister
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